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The Signed Ball Of The Famous 1936 Hall of Fame Baseball Legend Babe Ruth Is Up For Auction!


What makes this baseball so rare? The answer is that the baseball was signed by Babe Ruth, America’s baseball hero. For baseball fans, this ball is the equivalent of the Holy Grail, and indeed it was exactly what Ralph felt when he got this invaluable piece. Ralph was born and raised in Erie Penn’a and as a youngster had the wonderful pleasure to see Babe Ruth play there. As Ralph recalled, “It was on August 11, the year was 1932 or 1933, I retrieved a ball when he (Babe Ruth) hit a home run and after the game, he was kind enough to sign it for me.”

The ball was purchased for an undisclosed amount at auction by the late Rick More (without Sandra his wife knowing of the purchase). She only discovered that he owned it from when he passed away. Rick only told his best friend and his brother of the purchase. He did not tell them where he had hidden it, although they only knew it was in Rick’s Canadian home. Fortunately, Sandra was able to find the ball and now we have the opportunity to auction off this once-in-a-lifetime signed ball of the famous 1936 Hall of Famer Babe Ruth!

This Babe Ruth baseball is the top item in a stunning private collection amassed over 30 years by Rick More and it will all be offered by Direct Liquidation’s Auctions, one of the biggest auction houses based in Canada.

Direct Liquidation’s Auctions has announced its highly anticipated Sports Auction Series to take place on Saturday, 6th & 13th November 2021 live online on iCollector. In the multi-volume catalog set, you will find a lifetime of fantastical and diverse items covering various sports: hockey, baseball, basketball, football, golf, etc.

In addition, Jeff Schwartz, AKA, “The Liquidator” noted, “Direct Liquidation is handling Rick More’s collection with the highest care and guarantee that they will be shipped to you no matter where you are on the globe, so you don’t have to worry about anything else but giving more love to your sports collectibles passion.”

During the SPORTWORLD Rick More’s lifelong collectibles auction, you will enjoy:
-A full session of entertainment, engaged with Jeff “The Liquidator” live
-Exclusive opportunity to bid on choice items in advance of the live auction
-Learn more about sports collectibles & hang out with people with the same interests

What else is in it for you:
There are many other exciting and historically significant items in this two-day auction, needless to say – Michael Jordan’s autographed hat – is also one of Jeff’s favorites. A signed Mats Sundin Jersey is also considered highly and expected to be a very exciting first bid of the session on November 6th. Ernie Banks signature series signed or Cal Ripken’s Limited Edition Framed Set are all great items that potentially get crazy during the live bidding rounds.

“Sometimes people get a great deal out of auctions because they did their research” – Jeff noted – “and it happens all the time, all you need is to spend some time and discover the gem in our listed items. We have made it so much easier by having them presentable with high-quality photos and detailed descriptions, that’s also a big reason why many collectors prefer Direct Liquidation’s Auctions.”

About the collector:
“We are honored to bring to you a super extraordinary and desirable collection of sports memorabilia collected over the life of Rick More.” – Jeff the Liquidator

The story about Rick and his amazing collection will be auctioned off Nov 6 & 13, 2021, through Direct Liquidation:
Rick was born in Toronto, Ontario Canada. He was born a collector. His lifelong passion for sports led to this elaborate collection. During his life as a printer & publisher, he has relocated from Toronto to Denver Colorado, and Dallas Texas. His passion for golf and hockey expanded into Football, baseball, and NASCAR.

He also loved antiques and saw the value. Traveling allowed Rick to expand his search for collecting. His wife Sandra and 3 children, Leanne, Ryan, and Melissa were involved in facilitating his passion or as they often thought enabling him to pursue this passion. Rick’s personality was larger than life. He had a vast interest in EVERYTHING!

He was active from an early age in hockey and golf and enjoyed athletics right up until the end of his life. He never lost that passion throughout his life and could turn his hand to anything. During retirement, he renovated a beautiful estate home for his family and the happiest moments were spent “at the lake” with his favorite people who called him Papa.

Rick was very concerned as to how his lifelong collection would be handled. Adding to someone’s collection or passions of interest would please Rick as he was a generous man who was dearly loved.

With worldwide shipping, anyone, anywhere can access this epic online auction, for free. This makes it possible for sports collectors and basketball fans to participate.

Babe Ruth is already an iconic athlete worldwide. His autograph memorabilia and trading cards have already been high, but it has gone up and up, and up with this recent period, more new collectors have joined the clan and the value of such items has gone up higher than ever.

Jeff and his team have been successfully making rare and highly collectible auctions for some time now. There is always something for everyone from exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces for discerning buyers to fun memorabilia and collectibles from movie sets, estates, and other collectors. As Jeff calls the auctions live and online, it always guarantees to be a good time.

Auction Date: Nov 6 & 13, PDT. Click to see all items from this auction!
Assets location: 2306 Madison Avenue, Burnaby, BC, Canada.
Worldwide shipping available.

About Jeff Schwarz, “The Liquidator” & Direct Liquidation: Jeff Schwarz has been in business for more than 25 years buying and selling pretty much everything. From selling valuable assets all over the world to liquidating merchandise in the streets of India, and buying and selling collectible assets in China, Dubai, Canada, United States, and Central America, Jeff has made a name for procuring and selling quality goods. Jeff Schwarz has also had a successful TV show called The Liquidator which is currently featured on Amazon Prime Video and Game TV. The show ran in over 160 countries with over 5 seasons of him doing business liquidating items and dealing with eccentric buyers and sellers. Awarded Top 3 Reality Show in the World at Banff Film Festival, Jeff’s motto believes in bringing buyers and sellers together with everyone winning. Jeff is the owner of Direct Liquidation.

Jeff Schwarz, “The Liquidator” has been featured on:
– Amazon Prime Video
– Game TV
– Hit Series “The Liquidator”
– The Rush on Shaw TV
– Global News BC
– Toronto Star
– Globe & Mail
– CBC News
– An announcer at the Canada Reel Screen Awards & Leo Awards
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– Plus Numerous Appearances in TV and Movie

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